So so busy!
Wed Feb 06 2019
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance as my writing style will be "stream-of-thought-with-not-much-editing-for-clarity". My focus is on the technology and not so much the writing. So, please forgive my loosey goosey style.

So so busy!

So I've been a bit busy. It is difficult to find the time to study and code while working full time as a father of two, full time at my joby job, and I recently landed a part-time gig helping out a researcher with their website and their projects they want to do. Also, the social life tends to sneak in too.

So what do I do to find some time? I try to read about 20 minutes before bed; when waiting on my children to pick them up from school, I'll watch Linux Academy videos. And after work, if I don't have too many pressing household chores (dishes, laundry, getting parts for the cars... etc) I can get in a good hour or two. I am writing this after work after getting back from my mechanic. I recently changed out the clutch cable to my war wagon (1982 Volvo 245) and in the firewall, the metal is cracked... so that needs to get welded soon.

What are some accomplishments? I've been studying up on DNS and slowly but surely things are beginning to make some sense. It it really interesting actually learning these technical subjects. They slowly start to make sense. I just have to make sure I do a little bit each day. It is just encouraging to make progress and when I see a script or some complex command, it is nice to know that instead of looking like gibberish, it looks like the code is communicating what it does. If that make sense. Hahaha.

In working for the researcher, my first task was to code up a news letter. Did you know that email clients have no standards when it comes to rendering an HTML newsletter? So it just limits what you can do a bit. But in learning about HTML and emails, I've learned more about tables. It seems there's a pattern to making them. A table tag will always have at least one tr tag. At tr tag will always have at least one td tag. Lastly, a td tag will have at least one of either actual data or another table tag. This really helped with the newsletter as I was going through and creating the different sections. This is the main link I used to teach myself about html emails.

Welp, that's it for now. I'm outta here like last year.