More Learnin' and Skills!
Mon Feb 18 2019
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance as my writing style will be "stream-of-thought-with-not-much-editing-for-clarity". My focus is on the technology and not so much the writing. So, please forgive my loosey goosey style.

More Learnin' and Skills!

1. Create a macro and register it to 'a'
2. Yank (copy) the line
3. Put (paste) the line
4. move forward to "
5. move left one
6. Increment number
7. move forward to >
f >
8. move left one
9. Increment number
10. quit macro
11. run macro 30 times

So this was super cool! I am beginning to be able to wield the power of a text editor. I was working on a class assignment on going through the Web Developer Bootcamp from Colt Steele. This is my third time going through it and now I am focusing on my tools to shape my code rather than the main focus being the code. That is to mean, I am obviously focusing on learning and understanding the code. But my vision has "widened"? to be able to sharpen my tool skills as well.

I mean, look at that above macro that you can run in your text editor! (now I realize this may be old hat for some but for me this is, pardon me, Amazeballs. Please allow me to gush on) As vim becomes more second nature to will be awesome. This weekend has been a sorta vim & html weekend. I've gained a bunch of XPs.

So what did I do? Well, it started with thinking I should go though some basics again and I choose to do Colt Steele's Webdeveloper boot camp. I wanted to set up a basic coding environment. Vim is my weapon of choice. From there I also need to have Vim autosave and also browser-sync so that I can edit my text and my browser will automagically refresh as I edit the html. I had to install Vundle in vim to get the autosave feature. Vundle had a few default plugins one of which was Sparkup. Which is a great name and an even better play on words.

I played around with Vundle and installed and uninstalled and viewed plugins. I disabled the test plugins and installed AutoSave and got that configured. Next I got browser-sync installed and running. This is my start up command for future me to refer to: (which I've mapped to a TextExpander: jjbss; which TextExpander rocks too)

browser-sync start --server --files *.html, *.css, *.js --directory --port 7777 --browser "firefox developer edition"

Ok, so now I got Vim editing and Firefox showing me my edits in real time. As I am watching the WDBCWCS, I am reading the README in the default plugins that came with Vundle. I come across Sparkup and I install it and play with it and Holy Moses! It is soo rad and I will leave it at that as I want to get back to coding.

If my mind could not be blown any more, I am working on the aforementioned project of making a form, it is already really cool to be using Sparkup, I come across of the problem of how to automate the creation of dates in html. I've read a little about macros in vim and played around quickly with them as well. But the above details really helped to solidify the whole process of macros and in not too much time crafted a macro that would automagically expand an option with an incremented number.

Oh by the way, looking up knowledge in books is where it's at!

Vim & Sparkup lit up my mind this weekend!