Little Wins
Thu Feb 21 2019
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance as my writing style will be "stream-of-thought-with-not-much-editing-for-clarity". My focus is on the technology and not so much the writing. So, please forgive my loosey goosey style.

So here's a cool thing I figured out how to do today that I wanted to do. I wanted to develop in the cloud and also have my browser update the changes of my edits in real time. It is pretty straight forward to do locally as you have it listen to changes in html, css and js files. But in the cloud, with a node app, I was not sure how that would work. But, I figured it out!
Using Browser-Sync in CLI was super fun. I kinda hacked and slashed my way through getting the startup command to work. Turns out, I needed to wrap the node app that was being served in a proxy that Browser-Sync would pass through? I am pretty sure that the explanation I just gave is mostly correct with some incorrectness. Well here is the Browser-Sync command for future me.
browser-sync start --proxy "localhost:3000" --files *.html, *.css, *.js, *.ejs --port 7777 --open false --logLevel silent &
Oh, by the way, I also got to learn a bit about the top command, I also learned a bit about running processes in the background, grepping for processes, killing processes etc. I'll tell ya, there is no shortage of things to learn in the tech world. I'm just doing projects and collecting skills on an as needed basis.