Playing with Tmux
Sat Feb 23 2019
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance as my writing style will be "stream-of-thought-with-not-much-editing-for-clarity". My focus is on the technology and not so much the writing. So, please forgive my loosey goosey style.

So I was going to work on my projects page but something said I should look into using screen. I have been playing with running processes in the background lately. And after messing with screen for all of 10 minutes I googled, "screen vs Tmux". Seems, Tmux is the place to be as the last update for screen was in 2006 and the code base is a mess.
So I am writing this post, from my laptop, connected to my developer server, which is running Tmux, and from Tmux, I ssh-ed into my production server to write this post, in Vim. Good times!
A quick note for future me and future you. This was a cool tutorial I used to get my feet wet.
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