Project Page is Working
Wed Mar 13 2019
Disclaimer: I apologize in advance as my writing style will be "stream-of-thought-with-not-much-editing-for-clarity". My focus is on the technology and not so much the writing. So, please forgive my loosey goosey style.

So in the next 19 minutes of my lunch break at 2:51am I am going to put together a post as it has been so long since I posted. That is not to say I have not been working! I've been working on the html email campaign for the researcher and that is a great experience. They had a newsletter a few years ago and only sent out a few, I think, they really wanted a back ground and from what I found out, backgrounds can be tough to get going. Did you know that html newsletters are a whole different ball of wax than a website? Well, it is. In one aspect is is simpler as you are not able to use all the technology available to make the email look nice. And at the same time it is difficult for that same reason. But I learned a lot and now I look at emails I get in a totally different way. Its funny as I get inspiration from emails now.
Also, I got my Project page going with the projects I build as I do cool things I'll place them there obviously. Th at was a small chore figuring out how to get that going. Using nginx as I do, I was trying to create a route that wou ld serve a public folder. Turns out I needed to app.use(express.static("insert directory here") something to that eff ect. My point being, is when I run into a roadblock. It is cool to step away from the problem and then come back aft er some time and the solution just slides right into place! I had another episode of that happening where I could not connect a style sheet to my YelpCamp project from CSWDBC. Turns out I was missing a dumb / backslash... I hope that never happens again as I spent a few hours on it until I stepped away for a few days and when I came back, I solved i t in minutes!
Lastly I want to style these posts up a bit. Soooo, I got a few minutes left so let me get to stylin!